ARCIMPEX s.r.o. is a business company which deals in the trade with metallurgical products, welding materials and purchase and processing metal scrap. We also manufacture CNC cut shapes.

ARCIMPEX s. r. o. was founded on 8 th March 1991 . At present the company has reached an annual turnover of 60 mill. €. The company seat can be found in the town of Sviadnov, in the industrial park on the outskirts of the town of Frýdek-Místek. Nowadays, some 85 employees are employed with the company and it satisfies 200 customers on average every day, ranging from the smallest handy men up to great completion orders from significant companies.

ARCIMPEX s.r.o. has at its disposal a warehouse facility with an area of 30 000m2 in the industrial park outside the town of Frýdek-Místek . The facility is situated close to the highway to Ostrava, near the entry to Sviadnov . It has its own railway spur track and is therefore easily accessible for transport. The facilities comprise roofed storage halls with an area of 9000m2 and heated warehouse for welding filler materials, which together with qualified service guarantees the highest quality of stored materials. Thanks to our modern handling technology (cranes with lifting capacity up to 25 t, fork-lift trucks,..) loading of materials is steady and trouble-free.

On 29 th July 1999 ARCIMPEX s.r.o. obtained the quality control certificate according to the standard ČSN EN ISO 9002 of the Lloyd's Register of Quality Assurance. In August 2002 our company was re-certified in conformity with the new regulation of the standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001.

Assurance crowned our efforts aimed at fulfilment of environmental regulations stipulated by the standard ČSN EN ISO 14001 by granting us the appropriate certificate on 15 th April 2003 . Successful certification proves among other that ARCIMPEX s.r.o. fulfils all legal requirements in the field of environmental protection, safety and hygiene at work.